Why Natural Treatments For Asthma Are Becoming Prominent?

August 3, 2018
Why Natural Treatments For Asthma Are Becoming Prominent?

Asthma is a common lung disease that affects people worldwide, with a higher prevalence in the industrialized nations. There is no cure for asthma and approx. 34 million Americans suffer from it, out of which 7 to 8 million are children. As per the research, there may be few asthma drugs that cause problems like acne, weight gain, mood swings, yeast growth and may also hinder immune functions.

A continuous research to find better and effective medications is becoming a higher priority now.
Many researchers have started to think out of the box and tested ample amount of options like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, omega-3 oils, probiotics, exercise programs, and various therapies. While many studies show few promising results, one intervention stands out for having a complete diet that includes fruits, seeds, nuts and lots amount of veggies in your meals.

A Veggies Full Plate – Natural Asthma Treatment

plant based diet for asthma

It’s concluded that individuals who include plant foods, fruits, green vegetables and nuts in their diet may decrease the risk of asthma symptoms upto 36% to 70%. Although the research community is still trying to put the pieces together, trying to find answers to the question:

How consuming certain foods can affect our lungs or the air that enters into your lungs? The answer may be complex and we would like to introduce you to the specific point that approx. 5 components present in the plant foods has a direct connection to your functioning of the lungs. These 5 components are discussed below:

The 5 Pulmonary Protectors in Plants

  • Folate
  • Omega-3- fatty acids
  • Fiber
  • Potassium
  • Antioxidants

Folate: Folic Acid May Help Treat Asthma

Folic Acid May Help Treat Allergies, Asthma

Vitamin B9 or folate is important for the red blood cells as they are known to suppress allergic reactions, lessen the allergy symptoms and severity of the allergies. It is essential for growth and development of the human’s body. Vitamin B9 or folate can be found in green leafy vegetables that includes spinach, broccoli, lettuce, okra, asparagus and various fruits like melons, banana, lemon.

Mushrooms, dried beans, peas, meats like beef liver, kidneys, orange and tomato juice are a few great sources for folate. The main thing is folate help regulate the DNA-methylation code by ensuring whether the cells are getting right genes turned on or not.

DNA methylation is basically cellular coding system that tells your body cells about the genes that are to be turned on or off. So, one of the major reason for asthma is the change in DNA-methylation process. By boosting up the DNA – methylation regulating folate levels in the body can truly help reset the cellular code and ease asthma symptoms.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Allergy and Asthma

Found naturally in fish oil and are commonly thought to be anti-inflammatory nutrients with a certain protective properties in various inflammatory diseases like respiratory, skin allergies, and asthma. Inflammation can be caused by omega-6 fatty acids that are basically found in processed foods. Thus, omega-3 fatty acids help to reduce inflammation.

As per the University of Maryland medical center it’s necessary to have 3:1 ratio for omega-6 to omega-3. Including omega 3 fatty acids in your meals can help you reduce the effect of asthma. These can help calm your immune system and keeping you away from the asthma flare ups.

Fiber: Rich Dietary For Asthma

Does high-fibre diet help relieve asthma

Do you know, eating a high fiber foods can somehow trigger changes in your immune system that protect against allergic asthma? Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fiber that balances various microbes in the gut to any inflammation diagnosed in the air passage.

Lead researcher Professor Lisa Wood from the University of Newcastle’s Priority Research Centre for Healthy Lungs says that all the patients had a reduction in airway inflammation and can see improvement in their asthma. Healthy lungs definitely need a fiber rich diet.

Dietary Antioxidants and Asthma

Dietary antioxidants and asthma

Antioxidants help to reduce airway inflammation and tissue damage. These comprises of Vitamin A, C, E and selenium. Fruits, vegetables, eggs, milk, liver, seeds, beans, grains, green vegetables, vegetable oils, fish and meat are rich sources of antioxidants. They protect you from the asthma symptoms by neutralising harmful microbes that can cause airway inflammation. The inclusion of antioxidant-rich diet can help you get rid of asthma.

Potassium: Rich Dietary for Asthma

Diet Recommended for People with Asthma

This is considered as an anti-inflammatory nutrient that can help reduce symptoms of asthma. The sodium potassium pumps are one of the major contributors to the proper functioning of nerve cells and can determine the health of a person.

Potassium helps boost energy level and immune system, thus improving digestion and prevent from causes of asthma. Rich sources of potassium can be included in your diet to help get rid of the respiratory condition and lead a healthy life. Avocados, spinach, turmeric and bananas are a rich source of potassium that will help you lead an asthma free diet.

These are the few fresh, delicious natural asthma treatments full of pulmonary protectors that can help you without imposing any tax in your pockets.

Try working on some healthy doses each time you are up for your meals. Remember, if you are not having these products in your diet at the moment, then feel free to keep adding on a serving.

At a minimum, the recommended levels are perfectly set for 2 cups of fruits per day and 2.5 cups of vegetables, so in total, you will have to have 4.5 cups of a healthy asthma diet that can prove beneficial for you.

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