How To Manage Child Eczema in Winters?

How To Manage Child Eczema in Winters?
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Managing your child’s eczema in Winters

The chilly, dry winters can be responsible for aggravating eczema prone skin. Symptoms like crusty, dry, red patches are usually seen on the skin are concerning to parents. Going from warm to cold may “shock” your child’s sensitive skin, making adjustments to temperature more difficult, worsening eczema.

In winters, layering up kids with eczema on skin can bring on more discomfort due to overheating, clothes touching the skin too closely, however not layering may also dry up the skin. It’s important to keep your child warm during this chilling season without getting eczema flare-ups. We have gathered some data and tips in this blog post that may help in managing your child’s eczema during winters.

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  • Topical Steroids: Use of topical steroid creams are recommended by the dermatologists. These can provide the desired results if applied appropriately, as directed by your doctor.
  • Moisturize Daily: Moisturize your skin twice or thrice daily. Petroleum jelly like Vaseline can be applied on the skin and essential oils to maintain the hydration.
  • Protection from the winter sun: Sunscreen lotion with min. SPF-30 proves to be helpful to protect your skin from the harsh winter sun. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion before leaving your house.
  • Avoid Sweating: To protect yourselves and the kids from cool, windy weather don’t overdress. Dress in a comfortable clothing as sweaty skin can worsen eczema and increase the eczema symptoms. In case you get sweaty skin try wiping it off and pat dry.
  • Avoid Harsh detergents and Soaps: Your skin is too delicate and moisture can be stripped out via the use of harsh soaps. Avoid using harsh soaps to your infant’s skin.
  • Control allergens/irritants: Avoid coming in contact with direct allergens/ irritants like smoke, dust, pollens as this can worsen the condition and get your kid in trouble.

However, there is no cure for eczema, but surely the patients can make it easy through the winter season with diligent management techniques.

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