Cotton Clothing For Babies With Eczema – Prevent Skin Flare ups

May 7, 2019
Cotton Clothing For Babies With Eczema – Prevent Skin Flare ups

Eczema is one such skin condition where a good fabric can be a step towards betterment. The right choice of clothing for eczema baby should be a reflection of great style in the best fabric. The fabric should not trigger the condition further, rather should ensure your child feels comfortable in it.

It should be cozy but not too much that could cause flare-ups. This is the reason why most parents prefer cotton clothing for baby with eczema. The fabric can ensure proper hygiene that will reduce any potential trigger.

So, Let’s delve deeper into the topic and find out what eczema is and how can cotton clothes help your baby with eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition causing inflammation of the skin which become extremely dry, itchy and flaky. It is a non-contagious condition common in people of any age. The condition although, is particularly common in children.

The various joints in the body are most prone to eczema as the skin creases in these locations. The severity of the situation varies from case to case. Hence proper clothing care is necessary to prevent regular eczema flare-ups in babies.

What is The Best Fabric For Sensitive Baby Skin?

The choice of fabric for clothing can influence the health and wellness of your baby skin. This choice becomes crucial for people with skin conditions. Some fabrics are better for sensitive skin prone to problems. Choosing cotton clothing for baby with eczema can help improve the condition.

Cotton clothing for babies with eczema

What is Eczema Clothing For Babies?

While natural treatments are available for treating eczema, special clothing to keep the regions from staying itch free is important. Scratching could cause wounds and constantly hurting the skin only makes the skin worse.

The skin needs to breathe in the clothing to keep the body cool. High temperatures aggravate skin conditions and hence fabrics such as cotton are preferred.

The fabric threads are loose and are capable of absorbing moisture making it the best choice during summer. Additionally, the friction caused by the fabric rubbing over the skin must be less to ensure it does not irritate the surface.

Hence clothes made of fabrics which are sensitive towards the skin is used for making comfortable Cotton clothing for baby with eczema

Finding the best clothes for baby eczema

The best fabric can bring you comfort even for eczema prone skin. The quality of the thread and type of fabric can help the skin heal. Natural fabrics are the best choice as it is sensitive towards the skin. It can provide comfort and control moisture efficiently.

Fabrics such as silk and cotton are the best choice as they are hypoallergenic too. 100% irritation free cotton clothing is available which is the best choice of fabric for eczema prone skin.

How Can Cotton Clothes Help Your Baby With Eczema ?

Cotton and silk are both great fabrics for baby eczema clothing. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose cotton for eczema prone kids.

1.  Cotton is a Natural fabric

Natural fabrics are much better for problem-prone skin in comparison to synthetic alternatives. Fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, hemp, are light on the skin and the texture is smooth making it pleasant to wear. They do not contain harsh chemicals used for the processing.

Try natural fabrics that use a natural dye which ensures you keep the skin free from contact with chemicals.

Eczema Clothing for Babies and Children

2. Cotton clothing lets your baby’s skin breathe

Cotton clothing absorbs sweat making it the perfect fabric for moisture control. Keeping the moisture away from your body can be healthy to ensure it does not trigger eczema. Eliminating the sweat built up by absorbing it through your clothing ensures your child stays dry and hygienic.

Cotton clothing can absorb up to 1/5th of its own weight before soaking up. This gives room to absorb sweat which will keep the skin clean and problem free.

By ensuring your skin is sweat-free, you can stop the build-up of germs which might worsen the skin condition.

3. Cotton fabric is hypoallergenic

Exposing your skin to fabrics that trigger allergies can be problematic. This is important to keep in mind for children with sensitive skin. The Cotton fabric keeps the region of the eczema prone skin allergy threat free.

4. Cotton Clothes Are the most hygienic fabric for Baby Skin

From gauze to bandages, cotton is the preferred material for use even during medical procedures. The reason for the same is that it does not irritate the skin and let it breathe and heal.

It does not expose the skin to allergies and irritants which is important for the healing process. Making it ideal for eczema prone skin in babies.

eczema clothing for babies

5. Cotton is easy to clean and durable

Your child’s clothing needs to be clean to prevent unexpected eczema flare-ups. But washing too often causes wear and tear within a short-duration in most of the fabrics. These fabrics are difficult to maintain as they need special cleaning supplies and attention.

But cotton is one of the most flexible and durable fabrics you can use. It is easy to clean and does not go through too much wear and tear. The fabric does not need any special treatment or washing instructions.

There are fewer chances of getting elongated or shrunk. What more, investing in a cotton maxi dress will ensure that you can keep yourself too in a hygienic environment.

Dressing to prevent baby eczema flare-ups

6. Cotton is suitable for any season

Although we use different kinds of fabric in different seasons especially during cold months, cotton is a year-long fabric that you can use at any time of the year.

It is weather resistant and is comfortable to wear because it is light and helps the skin breathe. So no matter how hard the sun shines you can enjoy this skin friendly fabric.

7. Wool isn’t the right fabric for baby eczema clothing

The one fabric to keep out of your children’s closet would be wool. The texture of this fabric is prone to irritate your child’s skin which will make the condition worse and make your baby unhappy.

Even during winters try to layer up with cotton clothing or jackets not too thick. Ensure you do not stack up too much causing your child to feel too hot. Such warm conditions could also trigger eczema flare-ups.

Clothing for eczema baby

Tips to prevent clothes-based eczema flare-up

  • Make sure your baby is feeling cool. The clothing should not feel stuffy and suffocating. It should keep the baby comfortable for movement.
  • Look for necklines big enough to help air movement.  The clothing should be a loose fit and preferably not rub against the skin.
  • Change often especially if the clothes get soaked. Leaving it wet could cause infections and make the conditions worse.
  • Avoid using clothing that has embellishments or patches which may irritate your infant’s skin.
  • Cover your baby’s hands with soft cotton gloves. This will make sure your baby does not scratch the skin by mistake.
  • Be careful while washing the clothing. Choose detergents or soaps carefully so the residues do not irritate the skin.

Eczema prone skin in children is sensitive to chemicals, dust, mold, moisture, metals, germs, etc. Hence the skin needs clothing that protects it from any triggers. Cotton is by far the best fabric to use for such sensitive skin conditions without harming it further.

Apart from healthy cotton clothing, proper hygiene can also help in improving your skin. Use of good skin care products and chemical free detergents can make sure your skin stays healthy.

Also, keep the floors of your house clean with antibacterial floor wipes, so that your baby can roam around freely without any fear of flare-ups or infection.

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