6 Tips To Prevent Baby Eczema Flare-Up While Traveling

March 26, 2019
6 Tips To Prevent Baby Eczema Flare-Up While Traveling

Traveling with the whole family can be both relaxing and stressing. The logistics involved can make the whole experience less fulfilling. For little children, climatic changes can drastically affect their health. It gets worse if the child has eczema. Any slight variation in how to prevent baby eczema flare-ups while traveling and during the holidays.

Eczema is characterized by dry, itchy skin. In babies, it appears before the second birthday and is inherited from one of the parents. Since eczema is incurable, you have to wait for your child to outgrow the condition in teenage. In the intervening period, you must do everything to manage the condition. For most parents, dealing with red, dry, itchy, and cracked skin is hard to handle.

 6 Tips for Traveling with an Eczema Child

How to Avoid Eczema Flare Ups When Traveling1. Stick to the Baby’s Skincare Routine

Vacation affords you time to unwind and relax. When on holiday, you are supposed to forget about the stresses of your daily life. Yet, you cannot run away from a baby with eczema. To prevent possible flare-ups, keep your baby’s skincare regimen intact. Since eczema flare-ups can happen without a warning, it is important to apply the same emollient, cream, and balm every day. You should be able to take good care of your baby’s skin and control allergens and dry air.

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Tips for Traveling with an Eczema Child

How To Prevent Baby Eczema Flare-Ups While Traveling 2. Managing the Possible Triggers

Every child is unique when it comes to eczema triggers. By now you should be aware of triggers that affect your child. These may include foods, allergens, soaps, infections, fragrances, sweat, stress, excess saliva, and non-breathable clothes. Thus, you should avoid exposing your baby to triggers worsen eczema. Check that your baby’s skin does not develop yellow crusts, pus bumps, drainage, and oozing. This would mean that the skin is infected and requires urgent medical attention.

Traveling with Eczema 3. Dress Your Child Appropriately

It is important how you dress your baby, eczema or not. Ensure the clothes do not cause a flare-up. They should be soft enough and without irritant material while traveling. Use clothes are those made of natural fabrics since they are breathable. Apart from being free of synthetic fiber, they should be loose fitting. In cold weather, the clothes should be layered and warm enough to prevent baby eczema flare-ups while traveling

Dress Your Child Appropriately while traveling

stop eczema flare-ups during vacations 4. Proper Skin Protection

One way to protect your baby’s skin is to use the right cream after a bath. Also, use the right shampoo when washing your baby. Some bathing oil will go a long way in protecting the skin against the effects of chlorine and salt in the water. In places where the climate is sunny, use an effective sunscreen. But first, apply an emollient. It doesn’t matter if the child will be playing outside or not. Apart from the sunscreen, the baby should wear a hat whenever you take him or her outside. Here is where dark chocolate comes in handy. Protecting the skin from UV rays is one of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

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Tips for Traveling with an Eczema Child

baby Eczema Travel Advice5. Use the Prescription Medicine

There are times when a breakout of eczema will last for a week or more. It may also develop a light-brown or yellow blister or crust. That’s a sign that the eczema is infected. When that happens, take your baby to a qualified pediatrician for an examination. Most pediatricians prescribe an antihistamine or steroid for topical application. Make sure to follow the doctor’s prescription. The purpose of antihistamines is to control itching while steroid help to manage eczema.

baby eczema flare ups while travelling6. Adapt To Your Environment

Eczema flare-ups may result from the effects of the environment in which you find yourselves. So what’s the location of your vacation? Is it the countryside, city or mountains? In the countryside, dress the baby in long pants as well as long sleeves. Also, regularly cleanse the skin to get rid of allergens. In the city, keep the baby cool and spend time in open places as much as possible. If you are going to mountains, minimize exposure to dust and raise indoor humidity to hydrate the skin.

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It is clear that protecting your baby from eczema flare-ups is only possible if you understand the triggers of the condition. While at it, ensure you dress your baby appropriately. Where prescription medicine is necessary, use it. Don’t forget to adapt to the environment and stick to the normal skincare routine. Also it will be good if you can wear a nasal mask for clean and purified oxygen.

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