How to Use Guava Leaves For Eczema Prone Skin?

January 31, 2019
How to Use Guava Leaves For Eczema Prone Skin?

Most of us know about the health benefits of guava fruit. But we are unaware of the fact that even guava leaves have several medicinal properties and offer lots of health benefits.

Using guava leaves for skin Condition like (Eczema, Acne,Dark spots and more) is going to be the best thing that ever happened to you since a long time. The guava, however, is not only rich with vitamins A and C and potassium, but it is also an excellent source of copper, magnesium, and manganese. So, guava leaves for eczema is very useful. What’s more, Neem leaf oil is also beneficial in case of eczema.

Have you ever noticed dark and red color patches on the skin? The skin becomes itchy and inflamed every time you touch it. Sometimes it also happens that there are blisters on the skin that will cause bleeding and itching. This disease is known as Eczema. If you are fretting over the disease, thinking that the disease is not curable, then you are wrong. With safety and medical monitoring and of course some home remedies, you can cure the Eczema.

Before we get into how you can cure the Eczema there are a few basics you need to know about the disease. To find out more, keep scrolling!

What is Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)?

What is eczema (atopic dermatitis)

Eczema is a skin condition that causes dryness, swelling, and irritation on the body. You will also notice a slight discoloration in the skin. Generally, this discoloration is due to the healing process.

There is also a misconception that eczema is mistaken for psoriasis. Nevertheless, it is not. The disease psoriasis is seen on the joints flexor points.

What Causes the Breakout of Eczema?

Eczema Causes & Triggers

At present, there is no such particular reason what causes the Eczema to breakout. However, according to research and medical studies, the doctors stated it is due to genes or any trigger.

Sometimes, the people having eczema come in contact with pollutants or any substance react to it thereby causing inflammation.

The research also states that the mutation of a gene that is responsible for the creation of filaggrin. It is a protein that protects the top layer of skin. If there is no production of the filaggrin, then there will not be moisture and the viruses will enter into the skin. Due to this, the eczema people have dry skin.

One of many considerable reasons for the breakout of the Eczema is emotional stress. There is no scientifically proven fact, but extra stress will flare up eczema on your skin. Hence, ensure to avoid taking the stress.

Guava Leaves Benefits For Skin

There are many home remedies helpful for the Eczema. However, the one that’s an excellent option is guava leaves. We all know how the delicious guava activates our taste buds. However, the guava leaves are an excellent option as it is a great source of vitamin C, fibers, and potassium. These turn out to be a great way to heal eczema.

How to Use Guava Leaves For Eczema Skin

Below mentioned are a few reasons why and how you must use guava leaves for curing Eczema

How to use guava leaves for skin

1. Soothes Down The Itching

Guava leaves help you in calming down the itches. They have the tendency of blocking the allergens from entering. Hence prevents the itching.

2. Damage

The guava leaves have the property of destroying the damage that caused to the skin due to eczema. As a result, your skin looks a fair complexion. The leaves are also high in anti-oxidants.

How to use:

  • Mix the guava leaves in a blender with yogurt and leave it on your face for 10-12 minutes.
  • Rinse off with cold water.

3. Even if there are patches on your skin then it will lighten them. Gradually with time, it will go away permanently.

How to use Guava Leaves:

  • You can apply the guava leaves face pack.
  • It contains chlorophyll that makes your skin glow and reduces the blemishes.

4. During eczema, the color complexion also changes. Like we mentioned earlier, it’s the sign of recovery. However, you can improve the blood circulation and complexion with guava leaves.

It will also shrink down the pores on your face.

How to use :

  • Blend the guava leaves.
  • Add sandalwood powder and rose water in it.
  • Apply it on your face and keep it on your face for some time.
  • Repeat the process every alternate day.

5. Eczema also creates your skin full of rashes. Hence, to calm down the irritation on the skin use guava leaves that will soothe down your skin.

Steps – Rosewater is an excellent option to relieve your skin. Grind the guava leaves and mix it with rose water. Use it every day to remove the dead skin cells. It will nourish your skin and cleanse your skin.

Besides, Guava leaves you can also try other home remedies for eczema prone skin. 

  • Sunflower oil protects the skin thereby preventing the bacteria to enter into the skin.
  • Coconut oil also helps you in reducing eczema.
  • Similarly, acupressure by pressing at few points also avoids using needles.

Eczema is a disease that triggers due to pollen and allergens. Hence, avoid getting in contact with it. Remember, all these remedies are going to take time in curing the Eczema. You should consult a doctor and undergo through the doctor’s medication.

Moreover, simultaneously use guava leaves and other home remedies to cure Eczema flare ups. Alongside, maintain a healthy diet for speedy recovery.

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