Second Skin: A New Hope for Eczema Sufferers:

June 13, 2016
Second Skin: A New Hope for Eczema Sufferers:

The epidermal is a layer of our body “Skin” that shields us from undesirable environmental factors like poison, allergens, bacteria, micro-organisms, extreme temperature conditions and so on. The scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found an effective and a very unique solution to protect your primary skin against Eczema & different skin diseases.

The solution involves an imperceptible, silicon-based polymer that copies the properties of a typical skin of a person not suffering from eczema or other diseases. This silicon-based polymer could be effectively applied on the skin that can easily mimic the properties of youthful and healthy skin.

The second skin is supposed to reshape your affected skin area so that it can also offer long-lasting ultra-violet protection. The material introduced by the researchers was found to reshape the eye bags beneath the lower eyelids, diminishes wrinkles and also intensify skin-hydration.

The new skin is found to have more flexibility due to the presence of collagen (protein responsible for versatility and rigidity of the skin). A material called XPL is basically delivered in two steps.

Firstly, Polysiloxane components are applied to the skin. Secondly, Platinum catalyst is applied that induces the XPL to form a strong film that remains for 24 hours on the skin.

These both the layers are applied as ointments and creams. As soon as the cream is on the skin, the cream shapes a versatile second skin that possess mechanical character.

This particular material could be utilized for various skin inflammation diseases including eczema, psoriasis and many more.

From a personal standpoint, I have many questions in my mind about this second skin, such as cost, application procedure, reliability, bacterial growth, side effects, allergies to certain material used, and many more. We will be keeping up with the latest research on this subject, so stay tuned.

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  • Nicola Reply

    1:28 pm . June 13, 2016

    Any idea when this will be available in USA for public purchase? I see a huge market for this even for those with “normal” skin who live in high UV conditions and don’t want wrinkles and skin cancer. I have severe systemic nickel allergy syndrome and unfortunately bad eczema, so I would be desperate enough to try it, if I could afford it!

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