How to Travel Stress Free With Eczema

September 11, 2017
How to Travel Stress Free With Eczema

Traveling can be a great stress reliever, however, when you have a child with eczema or yourself have eczema, the unknowns can create a stressful environment prior to your trip. Managing eczema can be a challenging task but with a proper intervention and following the daily skin care routine while traveling can help you enjoy the holiday.

 Tips for Stress-Free Traveling with Eczema

1. Perfect Destination for the Holiday

Choosing the apt destination for your vacation completely depends on the climatic conditions that are favorable for your eczema skin. So, the ideal holiday destination must be a place that doesn’t aggravate your symptoms of eczema.

Like hot and humid conditions can cause eczema flare ups in few, while, in other cases lack of humidity may result in problematic skin conditions. Hence, choose a destination wisely and according to your eczema symptoms.

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2. Checklist for Eczema holiday packing

Checklist for Eczema holiday packing

Things you need to pack for the holiday should certainly depend on factors that aggravate your eczema or make your child’s eczema worse. You must carry entities that are necessary to manage eczema.

You must not leave home without this list of essential stuff:

  • Prescribed medicines: Vacation is a time to enjoy while taking into account necessary precautionary measures to prevent eczema from aggravating. Ensure to have your medications handy to manage the condition.
  • Don’t forget your emollient and creams: Holiday doesn’t mean you are going to miss on the daily skin care regime. Make it certain that your emollient, creams or any other prescribed applicator is packed to help prevent any type of nasty flare ups.
  • Carry your own set of sheets and towels: It is likely that the hotel laundry detergents and dyes may trigger the symptoms of eczema. It is recommended that you keep your own set of sheets, towels and pillowcases to prevent the consequences.
  • Pack your personal brand of toiletries:  The complimentary toiletries may be loaded with perfumes, dyes and other chemicals that can aggravate your condition. Hence, ensure to pack shampoos, shower gels, wipes and hand soaps to remain on the safer edge.
  • Allergy friendly snacks: It is advisable to carry plenty of snacks that don’t trigger food allergies. Most of the available snack options can contain allergens such as dairy, gluten, soy, etc to aggravate eczema, so prefer to pack your favorites.
  • Don’t be allured by the funky vacation wardrobe: Be smart to make the right choice and shop for loose cotton clothing for the vacation. Prefer long sleeves as this will prevent scratching and also protect the skin from UV rays.

3. Check for Healthcare options while Abroad

Check for Healthcare options while Abroad


Be smart and look for healthcare options to approach in case of severe eczema reactions. You must gather information about closest emergency room or urgent care clinic beforehand. This will help relieve panic if in case any stressful condition arises while the traveling.

4. Tips for Eczema While Traveling

Tips for Eczema While Traveling

There are certain tips to cure eczema that you need to implement while traveling to your holiday destination. Read through the informative tips to ensure an easy journey.

  • Keep your cream or emollient handy during traveling: You must have your topical applicators handy while traveling by air or road. While flying, the low humidity can make the skin dry, thus, calling for the need to moisturize it. In addition, when you’re traveling by air, up to 100ml (3.4oz) is permissible in your hand luggage. Hence, dispense your lotions or creams in small containers to carry in the handbags.
  • Drink Plenty of Liquids when flying: Keep your body hydrated by in taking sufficient amount of water or fruit juices. The dry air conditions in the flight can aggravate the eczema symptoms, hence, it is necessary to keep the body fluid levels up.
  • Watch your diet when traveling: Stick to a healthy and allergy-free eczema diet plan even when traveling. It would be tempting to treat your taste buds with specialty foods or multi-cuisines but the ingredients can be harsh on the skin conditions.
  • Keep the kids busy to prevent them from scratching: A long journey can be dull and boredom for the children and often leads to scratching. It is essential that you indulge the kids in activities like reading, watching television or simply a conversation to distract their minds from itching the affected area.

5. Maintaining Daily Eczema Care Regime During Vacations

Daily Eczema Care Regime During Vacations

You must follow the regular skin care routine even during vacation to ensure a stress-free time.

  • Take a normal bath like everyday.
  • Properly moisturize the skin after taking bath and keep it hydrated throughout the day.
  • Take your medications as prescribed by the dermatologist.

The suggested travel tips will certainly ensure that you enjoy the holiday and add a magnificent experience to the travel diaries. Pre-plan your vacation and make the most of it while being safe.

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