Eczema App To Track Skin Allergies – Eczema Tracker

June 26, 2018
Eczema App To Track Skin Allergies – Eczema Tracker

A new data driven eczema and allergy app, Eczema Tracker, uses copyrighted algorithm to help people prevent eczema flare-ups.

Eczema Tracker is the only app that uses data and algorithms to help identify eczema triggers and provides personalized monthly reports.

“As a parent of a five-year-old with severe full body eczema, I began tracking my son’s triggers in Excel when tests were not providing the answers we needed,” said Nav Gosal, the product mind behind Eczema Tracker. “I tracked his flare-ups for years and eventually I started seeing trends in his foods, environment, and even weather changes. However, manually graphing data was very time consuming. I realized that existing apps in the app store did not look at eczema holistically and I wanted to provide an app that did this.”

As soon as the user logs into the app, Eczema Tracker begins evaluating the user’s symptoms. It starts tracking environmental factors providing the pollen, weather, humidity, and mold levels on location. As data is entered, the app starts analyzing it using what is detected based on location and surroundings to come up with a list of the user’s most probable triggers.The app provides user-friendly graphs and charts that can be shared with doctors.

Eczema Tracker app also produces Monthly Summary Reports, which provide customized data and tips on managing eczema, such as flare-up cycles, potential triggers, and evaluating medicinal usage. The app also offers a quick advice feature that gives the user a brief analysis of symptoms after they’ve answered a relevant questions.

Eczema affects 12% of U.S. children and 3.5% of the population worldwide. Identifying the triggers that cause eczema to flare-up is an ongoing battle for parents, especially since multiple allergens are often involved, including food, environment, and even microbial. Blood and skin tests are not the most reliable source in trigger identification as they can have many false positives and negatives.

“My goal is simple and genuine, to beat eczema using a data driven approach,” said Gosal. “It cannot be cured, but it can be managed to give your child the best life possible with the condition. That’s why the app is for free in the app store.”

The future of Eczema Tracker includes unique features, such as expert advice and eczema probability index, which will tell users the likelihood of being allergic to a trigger, including medicines.

Eczema Tracker App available on IOS and On Android.

About Eczema Tracker

Our goal is simple – to provide a solution to help you manage your eczema! Eczema Tracker uses a data driven approach to provide analysis points and tools to help you find your eczema triggers. Contact Nav Gosal at eczemtrackerapp(at)gmail(dot)com.

Eczema Tracker Launches New Sleep Tracking Feature with Apple Health Integration

Eczema Tracker Launches New Sleep Tracking Feature with Apple Health Integration

Eczema Tracker, the number one ranked app for “eczema” in the app store, is excited to announce its new sleep tracking feature with Apple Health integration.

Eczema Tracker now gives users the ability to track and monitor sleep patterns, along with many other features, to help eczema sufferers take control and better manage their eczema symptoms.

Eczema Tracker has integrated with Apple Health to provide the most cutting edge analysis on how sleep affects eczema and the skin’s natural ability to repair and heal itself. Users can now record their sleep patterns using Apple Health, and the app automatically pulls in that data at the user’s approval. The data is included in the flare-up analysis and reports, allowing users to visually analyze how sleep may be affected when eczema is present. It also allows users to recognize when lack of sleep may be leading to more severe eczema outbreaks.

Studies have shown that sleep patterns have a direct impact on our quality of life and overall health and wellbeing, but for eczema patients sleep is arguably even more important. A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology revealed that eczema sufferers reported greater incidences of sick days, doctor visits, daytime sleeping, and insomnia. Disturbed sleep associated with eczema is also associated with increased risk for psychological disorders and mental illness. Lack of sleep can also affect the skin’s natural ability to heal itself, which is critical for eczema sufferers.

According to Dr. Oz, “Proper sleep is essential for healthy skin. When you sleep, your body repairs and renews itself. That process goes on at the cellular level in your skin. Missing sleep for one might isn’t a big deal, but chronic sleep deprivation is bad for your health, and can increase your risk of disease.”

Nav Gosal, founder of Eczema Tracker, speaks of her own experience with the condition,

“When my son has a flare-up, he wakes up every few hours, itching himself to the point of open wounds. Sleep has a tremendous effect on quality-of-life in many aspects, including neurocognition and behavior, and it’s important to recognize how it plays a role in this painful condition.”

Identifying the triggers that cause eczema to flare-up is an ongoing battle for parents, especially when multiple allergens are often involved, such as food, environment, and microbial triggers. The new sleep tracker feature gives users the ability to determine if behavioral factors, like lack of sleep, may also play a role. Gosal noted,

“This type of analysis is important to both the research community and eczema sufferers alike. Demystifying some of these patterns can help increase the quality of life for eczema sufferers throughout the world.”

Currently, Eczema Tracker helps users track their eczema triggers, including food, environment, mood, stress, medicine usage, and now sleep patterns. Users can also track progress within the app using photos and notes. The editorial section includes news, articles, and tips that help users stay informed on the latest findings, and allows them to contribute their own management tips to other users.

In the future, Eczema Tracker will include more detailed features that track valuable information like treatment adherence, stress, exercise, mood, and the management of comorbid diseases like asthma and rhinitis.

“I want to help eczema patients manage their condition by providing them with the best feature set in an intuitive setting that allows them to take control over their health. More tracking features will be added later this year,” said Gosal.

Interested parties can learn more about Eczema Tracker by contacting Nav Gosal at eczematrackerapp(at)gmail(dot)com or by visiting

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