Acupuncture for Eczema Treatment & Skin Disorders

June 19, 2017
Acupuncture for Eczema Treatment & Skin Disorders

Acupuncture for Eczema & Skin Disorders

Acupuncture is an integral element of the Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It is a type of alternative medicine, whose theory and practice is independent of the scientific knowledge. TCM or specifically acupuncture can be a viable choice for eczema-care. Acupuncture has been practiced since 2,500 years to provide relief against pain. Despite being a part of TCM or herbal medication, acupuncture involves insertion of sterilized steel needles into specific nerve points. The name ‘acupuncture’ derive its significance from latin words ‘acus’ meaning needle and ‘pungere’ meaning holes.

A skilled and trained practitioner will look out for a particular ‘acupuncture points‘ on the body to carry out the treatment. These points are commonly termed as nerve points or acupoints. The points depend on the ailment being treated using the practice.

Can Eczema be Treated with Acupuncture?

Although, TCM is not a new concept, only few people are aware that it can be used for eczema and skin disorders. It is important to understand that a positive outcome of acupuncture will depend on the symptoms of an individual and the body’s response to the treatment. The Acupuncture may help alleviate the eczema symptoms in a person but may fail for the other one.

According to TCM theory, eczema is caused due to the breakdown of body’s cooling and comforting system. It is the body’s overactive immune response that results in the dryness, itchiness, redness and inflammation of the skin. Acupuncture aims at soothing and cooling the skin cells in order to administer the eczema signs and prevent flare-ups.

Theory behind Acupuncture Treatment for Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)

The basic explanation behind the treatment suggests that it aims at balancing the qi. Qi or energy flows determine the health of our bodies. Like the blood flows in blood vessels, similarly, energy flows in networks. However, blocked networks or channels result in improper functioning of the body. The usage of needles during acupuncture session is to unblock the energy channels around the meridians (points across the body that affect a specific organ or body part) to treat the affected area. But there are acupoints which are not associated or near the meridian. Associated theory illustrates when these acupoints are stimulated it results in the release of endorphins.

A skilled practitioner will make use of ‘Cun‘ as the measurement unit to determine these acupoints. According to WHO data, the entire body has circa four hundred acupoints. Another way to find the nerve points is by sensing the minor body temperature differences on the surface of the skin.

Acupuncture for Eczema & Skin Disorders can specifically help to provide relief from itching. The onset of the condition depends on an entire system of an individual’s body, from an unhealthy gut to improper flow of qi in the energy channels. It is important that the energy flow of the organs is in harmony as they control the level of heat and moisture to build up the skin.

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Few Basic Tips to Treat Atopic Dermatitis with Acupuncture :

  • Ensure that you book an appointment with a known and skilled professional in the field of acupuncture. Majority of the side effects related to the practice are because of improper or untrained acupuncturist.
  • During the session, you may feel like nausea, sweating or dizziness but they don’t tend to leave any side effects for a long duration of time.
  • Ensure that the needles are not inserted in the blood vessels. In case of pregnant women, the needles must not be inserted in the stomach and lumbosacral area. The back and chest area are sensitive, hence, the needles must be inserted with extreme precaution.

In addition to acupuncture, an individual needs to make sure they follow proper medical intervention and diet-routine for their eczema symptoms. As the practice alone can’t help resolve the condition. The practice can be successful only in combination with other treatments.

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Famous Acupuncture Centres Across USA

Chinese Acupuncture & Herbology Clinic:

The clinic comprises of an experienced and licenced team of acupuncturists that implement the principles of Chinese Medicine to heal the patients affected by eczema and similar skin disorders. Patients can refer to the Asheville Clinic located in Montford Ave or the Hendersonville Clinic situated at the Chadwick Avenue to gain benefits from the acupuncture services provided by the team.

Visit on official website Here

Acupuncture and Wellness Center:

The center located in Poulsbo, Washington implements a safe, potent and holistic approach towards treating the patients. The practitioners at the centre use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles, specifically acupuncture, to help achieve the skin health and wellness goals of patients. The center claims to improve eczema and psoriasis conditions by 40% in a short span of time using acupuncture and custom Chinese herbal formulas. The treatment will have no side effect on the patient and help improve the overall health.

Visit Official Site Here

The YinOva Center:

Located in the New York City, the center is highly popular for the most experienced and best acupuncturists, warm environment and care services. The team led by husband-wife duo, Jill Blakeway and Noah Rubinstein, roots their practice to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Jill and Noah have been praised by New York Times as the best acupuncturists. They are known for treating allergies and several skin disorders using their practice. One can contact YinOva via their website or even book an appointment through the same medium.

Official Webiste: Yinova

Family Acupuncture Clinic:

The clinic set up in Jacksonville, Florida is lead by Dr. Luo. Being associated with the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine since the past 27+ years, Dr Luo has helped several patients through his acupuncture therapy and Chinese herbs. In addition to treating various ailments and illness via his practice, he uses acupuncture to naturally heal skin diseases and allergies.

Visit on Official Website Here


It is assumed that the merger of this Chinese science with today’s modern techniques can help address ailments including eczema and other skin related disorders. TCM supposedly can work on the psychologica l factors, while, modern science may help cover the physiological complications related to the skin condition. However, so far no scientific studies have been found to be conclusive for the acupuncture.

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