Children’s Eczema Gloves Bamboo

These are the best for children suffering from eczema. The gloves are made from the breathable soft material with 5% Lycra and 95% bamboo viscose. These help in keeping the creams to stay for a longer time duration to help you soothe your child’s skin and provide skin relief. You can choose from any of the 5 sizes to be the best fit for your children. Easy machine washable at 60°C.

These eczema gloves for kids and toddlers are super soft – made from biodegradable bamboo, they will prevent children from scratching their eczema or psoriasis. Use these cooling bamboo gloves after applying cream to your child’s hands to lock in moisture at night. Or use them to prevent contact dermatitis on the hands. Perfect for dry or wet wrap therapy or for protecting itchy skin from scratching while playing or sleeping.

Benefits of bamboo Gloves:

  • Antibacterial – bamboo has natural elements to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Great insulating properties – keeps you cooler in summer and warm in winter
  • One of the softest natural fabric on the planet – you will love the way it feels
  • Natural UV protection – protects your hands from sun-burns and further aggravating skin conditions
  • Hypoallergenic – natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions
  • Most eco-friendly fabric on the planet – from organic farming

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