Spaghetti soup with vegetables

For pasta dishes, I always use Jovial Organic Rice Pastas. They have been safe for my son and the texture is very similar to wheat pasta. The taste of this spaghetti can be a bit bland, but it’s the beautiful colors that bring it alive. Ingredients: ¼ cup of chopped kale or broccoli ¼ cup […]

Mung Daal with Rice (Eczema friendly)

One of the best easy to make eczema friendly recipe that can help you lot with its nutritional value. Ingredients: Boiled Rice- 1 cup Mung Lentils – 1 cup Water – 3 cups Salt – 1/4 tsp (to taste) Oil – 2 tbsp Turmeric – 1 tsp Instructions: Soak a cup of Mung Daal lentils […]

Rice tortillas – rotli (Eczema Friendly)

Now, making rice tortillas is so simple for you. Just need a few minutes to make healthier tortillas at your home. Ingredients: Rice flour – 1 cup water – 1 cup Salt – 1/4 tsp (to taste) Oil – 2 tbsp Instructions: Heat the water in pot until boiling Add oil Add rice flour to […]

Everything you need to know about basic eczema care

Eczema, a common disease affecting the large range of the population. The studies suggest that approx 31.6 million population shows the symptoms of Eczema and 13.8% suffer from mild to critical eczema in U.S. This number is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide and researchers are still testing different theories to understand this trend. Each […]

Top 10 Hospitals for Eczema Treatment

Top 10 Hospitals for Eczema Treatment 1.American Academy of Dermatology American Academy of Dermatology is the most influential, largest and representative dermatology group in the United States of America. Offers the best eczema treatments to the patients with a huge membership of more than 19,000 dermatologists as well as the growing number of international dermatologists. The […]

Top 10 Bath Solutions For Eczema

Top 10 Bath Solutions For Eczema Bleach Baths: Bleach Baths can help you treat your skin problems in a much unique way. Use this method 2-3 times a week. The bath is helpful as it decreases the bacterial infection on the skin and also decreases the bacteria. Baking Soda Baths: Baking soda baths can help […]