Eczema During Pregnancy: Are They Inter-Related?

Eczema During Pregnancy: Are They Inter-Related?
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Eczema and Pregnancy Inter-Related

During pregnancy a woman’s body experiences numerous hormonal changes that may affect her mentally, emotionally and physically. Stress during pregnancy expands the tyke creating skin inflammation, called eczema, at an opportune time in life. Each pregnancy is distinctive and the way immune system reacts to pregnancy shifts from an individual to individual.

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There’s still a debate to whether a pregnancy can make eczema worse or it can actually be a cause to develop this serious skin condition. However, there are women who claim they’ve never encountered any skin inflammation do report in eczema over the span of their maternity and approx. 25% see an improvement in the eczema symptoms.

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The confounding picture is that pregnant women are much prone to develop various rashes that are itchy, oozy and red. These rashes can be seen on the belly and may be extended down to the thigh region, around the bummies and also upwards to the breasts. Any changes felt in the body during pregnancy must be discussed with your doctor maybe it’s a mild irritation to your skin or an eczema flare up.

If you have been diagnosed with eczema during pregnancy by your doctor, then getting the right advice can do wonders to improve the skin conditions without harming your baby. The initial step is to go for the treatments that are safe during and after pregnancy.

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Likewise, remember that in the event that you have skin inflammation before pregnancy, then the drugs you were taking prior may not be right for the infant. Eczema medications like over-the-counter creams, topical steroids and lot more may not be too effective during pregnancy.

Managing eczema during pregnancy may be challenging though but with the help of your doctor you can properly keep the eczema symptoms under control. Ladies, be comfortable in your skin and enjoy your motherhood!

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