ZPL-389 Shows Positive Results For Atopic Dermatitis

ZPL-389 Shows Positive Results For Atopic Dermatitis

ZPL-389 For Atopic Dermatitis

As per the recent studies, UK-based Ziarco Pharma Ltd. announced positive phase 2a results for ZPL-389 in mild to severe eczema conditions.

ZPL-389 is clinically tested to decrease the skin inflammation. Ninety-Eight adults were examined and given ZPL-389 once and placebo once.

The results got into limelight for ZPL-389 which was effectively responsible for 50% improvement on eczema severity score at week 8 as compared to placebo.

Phase 2a trial of ZPL-3893787

This study showed proof of viability and effectiveness of ZPL-389, a powerful oral histamine H4 receptor antagonist for the treatment of eczema symptoms.

Commenting on the study, Professor Thomas Werfel, said:

“The effect of ZPL-389 on inflammation is significant and the effect does not seem to have plateaued after eight weeks of treatment.

In addition, the various improvements in pruritus seen with ZPL-389 vs placebo are extremely encouraging. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of the longer 12-week Phase 2b trial that is planned to start later this year.

The impact of atopic dermatitis on patients’ lives is significantly debilitating and this drug could be transformational.”

As per the Ziarco reports, ZPL-389 positive results for eczema patients include the following:

  • Measurably huge diminishment in signs and side effects of mild to extreme atopic dermatitis.
  • Could observe 50% improvement at week 8 on eczema severity score (EASI).
  • ZPL-389 was well-tolerated with a safety profile comparable to Placebo.
  • Phase 2b study, with EASI as the primary end point will continue for 12 weeks to discover the additional benefits of prolonged dosage of ZPL-389.

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