Does hard water causes eczema flare-ups?

Does hard water causes eczema flare-ups?

Hard water is often a simple overlooked factor in worsening of eczema. Is eczema skin allergy? Is it hereditary? Does it occurs by chance or after coming in contact to some allergens?

There is a list of questions that comes in our mind related to this chronic disease. However, for many, the simplest answer is that hard water may be creating a dry skin condition, breaking the barrier on a top layer of skin, causing itch, leading to eczema. We are aware of the fact that eczema is a skin reaction that just get worse if not treated properly.

As per the recent study, the key causes of eczema in babies may be hard water. Hard water contains higher amounts of calcium and magnesium which directly irritates the skin causing skin reaction.

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According to the studies, salts in hard water reacts with your skin making it more dry and irritated. Some regions have doubled the amount of children diagnosed with the chronic skin condition that could provide a clear view for causes of eczema in babies with the regions of hard water. While hard water itself doesn’t cause eczema, it can aggravate the condition or can flare-up the disease. The combination of hard water with an existing eczema condition can prompt more continuous and serious reactions, making an existing skin condition much worse as time progresses.

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As per Dr. Carsten Flohr from Lead specialist at St John’s Institute of Dermatology at King’s College London and Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust says in an announcement: “Our study expands on developing confirmation of a connection between presentation to hard water and the danger of creating skin inflammation in youth. He added: “London, and some areas of the South-East, has the hardest water in the UK. A lot of parents say that eczema started or got worse when they moved from a soft water area to London.”

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